Sam Ovens launches new Consulting Accelerator Class

The name says it all. Sam Ovens'Consulting Accelerator is a 6-weeks course which really is a tried and tested implementation program for skilled consultants along side amateurs. This system teaches you only how to start a fruitful consulting business. The course costs around $2,000 and carries a solid refund policy.

Traversing Sam Ovens Consulting Course's 6 weeks journey

Consulting Accelerator program spans across 6 weeks. Aesthetics and design is extremely intriguing with HD videos, clear dashboard and simple yet structured PDFs.

Week one explains how to master your niche and offer services, week two is on mastering the consultation, week three provides faster ways to get clients organically, week four is on establishing the Proven Appointment Generating Machine, week five explains how to produce successful facebook campaigns and finally week six gives you tops on the best way to scale around six figures and beyond. Every one of the weeks of Sam Ovens course hand out a distinctive message.

Sam says that sales module is a critical part of the consulting field. Major focus of sales module is sales calling and a 13 page sales script is surely an epitome of that. He centers on capturing leads via facebook ads but in addition for the starters, he suggests using simpler ways like leveraging immediate network for pursuing prospects and mailing them with attractive and big packages thru direct mail. It will help new consultants in getting a quick and easy win. One of the important modules of the accelerator course is up scaling your business. Week four explains so just how to upscale your organization to a six-figure consulting business using a proper sales funnel. Sam also promises more than one client worth $2,000 within the initial six of weeks if anyone takes action and follows the majority of the steps.

Money Back Policy of Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens'course comprises of Consulting Accelerator Implementation Program of 6 weeks that will be worth $3,997 along side Use of the Mastermind for lifetime worth $5,994. Currently, it may be obtained for a decreased price of $1,997 or it's possible to pay in four monthly equal installments of $597.

Sam Ovens promises a high value client worth $2,000 monthly within 42 days after the course completion. Full quantity of the course will undoubtedly be refunded along having an additional $100 for the full time allocated to the course if it fails to offer so visit website.

Sam Ovens – Revisiting the fundamentals

Sam Ovens enables you to revisit the fundamentals of the sales process. But his sales process follows four basic simple steps. Attracting your market with the aid of social media marketing ads, capturing their details, helping them in applying for a suitable consulting call and lastly engaging, training and closing them in a one to 1 call.

Consulting Accelerator's Facebook page is a great inclusion to the course. The page is quite engaging and all town members support each other actively. Sam Ovens even responds to any or all the posts on the groups.

The course promises an excellent return if one is willing to master the art of sales and devotes dedicated time in to the basics. It will surely deliver its true value in terms of ROI.